About Us

It is the mission of WhiteHat Jr. to empower a new generation of technology creators rather than just consumers. Kids learn the fundamentals of coding from the ground up so that they may go on to build innovative things like websites, animations, and apps.

There is a huge gap between the technological needs of the contemporary world and the skills of our children in today's computer-era classrooms where not all schools teach coding to children as early as kindergarten Your kid, aged 6 to 18, will be exposed to and prepared for the new world of coding with WhiteHat Jr. The fundamentals of coding are studied in order to develop new products such as animations and apps such as logic, structure, sequence and algorithmic thinking. Subject matter experts and teachers from the top 1% in their field teach all courses in a live 1:1 online setting from the convenience of your own home.

Please join us right now if you are a tech-savvy parent who is eager to see where the future takes you. You or your child may like to learn more about the coding possibilities provided by our coding programs by checking out the WhiteHat Jr. children's programming courses. Remember that you don't need any previous coding knowledge to participate.